Mrs Rachakonda Subbalakshmi

A Lifestyle Change Says Mrs Rachakonda Subbalakshmi

I had under gone a major spine surgery in the year 1999 when I was suffering from severe
back pain and total numbness in the right leg. I am 50 years now and I have been trying to
maintain good health of my spine ever since through back exercises.

But my back problem started to come back around a year back and on a scale of 1 to 10, the
pain in the spine shot up to 7. It was slowly becoming unbearable when I met a top Spine
Surgeon in Hyderabad. The surgeon took a very serious view about my problem and in fact
scolded me that in spite of undergoing spinal surgery, proper attention was not paid for
reducing my weight which was 88 Kgs. In reply I told him that I was able to contain the
weight at the same level since the last but could not reduce it even though my diet contained
only brown rice and other low calorie food. But the anger of the doctor was so much that he
asked me undergo Lipo immediately as my spine is unable to take so much body weight and
he walked out of the consultation room angrily. I and my husband were speechless at his
anger and suggestion of Lipo.

It must have been about after 15 minutes the doctor came back and suggested that I meet
Dr. Deepa Agarwal, a Nutritionist, for reducing my weight. My first reaction was this is not a
workable solution and I thought I should go in for Lipo.
However, for what it is worth I took an appointment and met Dr. Deepa Agarwal. I explained
my predicament. After listening to me she started writing a prescription. It was not a medical
prescription but she wrote down my diet plan for the next week and I was surprised that she
doubled the intake quantity of what I used to eat. At the end of every two hours she kept me
on some sort of the food / fluids / fruits, which are easily available. Even then I was not sure
that I will reduce my weight.
But, I followed the diet strictly in the same manner as she prescribed combined with morning
walking for four Kms. Though I shall not disclose the details of the diet, I will say that I felt
very comfortable with the diet she prescribed and I did not feel either hunger or any

After 1st week I have checked my weight and observed I have reduced about 2 kgs. I was
very surprised. By the end of the week early in the morning I have received a mail from Dr.
Deepa regarding the next week’s diet programme.
After four – five weeks I started feeling very light and the back pain subsided a little and
people around me noticed the difference.  I continued following the diet programme and
every Saturday began with the mail of Dr. Deepa. In fact I started to wait for the mail eagerly
to know what the diet for the next week would be.   Sunday is my purchase day for the next
week diet.

I have followed the Doctors diet programme for 8 weeks and during the time the first thing
that surprised me was the different food products I missed all these years.I have reduced
about 18 Kgs during the 8 weeks, and my back pain is comedown to a level of 3 on a scale
of 1 to 10.The people around me are surprised the way I look now. I am slim with healthy
and glowing face and my lifestyle has totally changed. I am really thankful to Dr.Deepa, for
my new lifestyle which includes the all new fashion clothing that I am able to wear.
I am a happy person now. Thank you, Dr. Deepa.

Rachakonda Subbalakshmi

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