ARE you A Diabetic?

  • Suffering from High BP and less than 35 years old
  • Obese
  • Do you have a Family History of Renal Diseases
  • Do you have Persistent swollen feet
  • Do you have Blood in Urine
  • Is there a Decrease in Urine Output

What is Nephrology?

The human body has two kidneys located in the back side. The function of the Kidney is to purify the blood and to remove toxins from blood. Nephron is basic structural and functional unit of kidney. Nephrology is a science that deals with disorders of kidney.

Dialysis: When the kidney’s function drops below minimum requirement to sustain body and maintain normal parameters, the solution is to replace the kidney function with either another artificial technology or transplant of healthy kidney. Purification of blood via artificial means is called “Dialysis”.

Type of Dialysis:

  • Hemodialysis
  • Peritoneal Dialysis

UDAI OMNI has a state of the art dialysis unit comprising of 6 independent units and manned by highly trained and qualified staff.

Medical Team

Best Nephrology hospital in Hyderabad

Dr. Girish Narayan

MD (Internal Medicine) DM (Nephrology)

Head of Department Nephrology

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Best Nephrology Hospital


MBBS, MD (General Medicine), DM (Nephro)

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