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A Consultant with 40 years of experience in the field of internal medicine including a teaching and research experience of over two decades with an allied 35 years of experience in the Pharmaceutical Industry, Specializing in both medical and marketing sectors.


  • Consultant Internist, Hyderabad Nursing Home Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad
  • Consultant Internist, Medinova Diagnostics Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad
  • Consultant, Medical Affairs, SH Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Hyderabad


  • Civil Assistant Surgeon, Nawabpet, Mahabubnagar – Selected through the Public Service Commission(1969)
  • Member of the Medical Board, Central Hospital, Tripoli (1977 – 1980)
  • Consulting Oncologist to Various hospitals in Tripoli, Libya (1977 – 1980)
  • Consultant Internist, Hyderabad Nursing Home Pvt Ltd (1980 – 2008)
  • Consultant Internist, Medinova Diagnostics Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad (1991-2008)
  • Consultant Internist, Medinova Diagnostics Pvt Ltd, Bangalore (2002 -2003)
  • Consultant Physician, APSRTC Hospital, Tarnaka, Hyderabad (1994- 2000)
  • Consultant Physician on the panel of Indian Airlines, Bharat Dynamics Ltd, SH Pharmaceutical, Life Insurance Corporation of India, Wipro Ltd, Satyam Computers


  • Tutor in Pharmacology and Medicine, Gandhi Medical College, Hyderabad (1972)
  • Asst. Professor of Medicine, Gandhi Medical College, Hyderabad (1973-1977)
  • Lecturer and Asst. Professor of Medicine, University of Al-Fateh, Tripoli, Libya (1977 – 1980)
  • Lecturer in Internal Medicine for Post-Graduate Entrance Examinations conducted by CASA Gandhi Medical College (1991 – 2001)


  • Medical Advisor, Uni-Sankyo Ltd (1972-1977)
  • Chief of Clinical research and Medical Specialities, Uni-Sankyo Ltd (1980 – 1991)
  • Consultant, Medical Affairs, SOL Pharmaceuticals (1992 – 2002)
  • Consultant, Medical Affairs, SH Pharmaceuticals (2002 – Till Date)


  • During the tenure as Asst. Professor of Medicine, Gandhi Medical College, was part of the team which established the first ever Intensive Cardiac Care Unit and Acute Medical Care Unit in Andhra Pradesh at Gandhi Hospital, Hyderabad and also the Intensive Cardiac Care Unit at Osmania Hospital, Hyderabad.
  • During the tenure as Asst. Professor of Medicine at University of Al-Fateh, Tripoli, was instrumental in proposing a new regime for the treatment of leukemias and Lymphomas and was nominated to the
  • Medical Board in Libya , which is the highest medical authority of the country.
  • During the tenure as Chief of Clinical research and medical specialities at Uni Sankyo Ltd, established the concept of Lactobacillus Therapy, Human Chorionic Gonadotropin in the treatment of infertility for
  • The first time in India and persuaded the pharmaceutical industry for manufacturing Pyrazinamide as an important therapeutic agent in the Short term Chemotherapy for treatment of Tuberculosis.
  • During the tenure at SH Pharmaceuticals, developed and used a combination of Ambroxol, Dextromethorphan and Cetirizine for the first time in a Cough Formulation.
  • During the tenure at Medinova Diagnostics Pvt Ltd, Bangalore, established the Diabetes Care Centre in 2002.
  • One of the only two doctors who investigated and treated the Methyl Alcohol poisoning cases in hyderabad District (1973)
  • One of the physicians who did an Exclusive Field Survey to detect morbidity pattern in a working population. (1976)
  • Conducted extensive research work and published many papers in national and international publications and delivered amany prestigious orations over the last four decades.


  • Muscular Involvement in Cysticercosis with PseudoHypertrophy of muscles, Journal of API 23-9-1975.
  • Experience with new Disposable Enema (Proctoclysis), Antiseptic, August 1975.
  • Paroxysmal Nocturnal Haemoglobinuria, JAPI, July 1975
  • Pyo Pneumopericardium due to E. coli organism. Indian heart Journal, April 1975
  • Clinical Trial with sustained Release Chloramphenicol in Enteric Fever, Indian Practitioner
  • Acute Diabetic Gastric Atony or Acute Gastroparesis Diabeticorum, Journal of Diabetic Association of India XVI 99 1976.
  • Haemochromatosis or Bronze Diabetes, JDAI LXVI.9.76.
  • Evaluation of Tinidazole in treatment of Amoebiasis , Indian Medical Gazette XV.9.1976.
  • Management of Diabetic Coma, Indian Practitioner, 1976.
  • Parotid Enlargement in Diabetes. Paper read at 30th Joint Annual Conference of API and later published in JDAI, 1976.
  • Zinc and Diabetes. Paper read at IX International Diabetes Congress. Delhi Nov 1976.
  • Role of trace elements in Diabetes. Paper read at IX International Diabetes Congress, Delhi, Nov 1976
  • Incidence of hypertension in a working population. Paper read at 32nd Joint Annual Conference of the API, Calcutta, January 1977.
  • Plasma Magnesium levels in normal and diabetics. Paper read at 32nd Joint Annual Conference of the API, Calcutta January 1977.
  • Pancreatic lithiasis and Diabetes, Paper Read at National Congress on Diabetes, Bombay.
  • Asymptomatic bacteriuria in Diabetes, JAPI, January 1977
  • Clinical evaluation of Tinidazole in Amoebic liver Abscess.
  • Complications of Diabetic Review article. Indian Practitioner.
  • Role of Lactobacillus sporogenes in Cholesterol reduction. Paper presented at National Society of Nutrition, Hyderabad 1991.
  • Member of Multi-Center Clinical Trials for the efficacy of prazosin extended release in hypertension (1996)
  • Member of Multi -Center Clinical Trials for the efficacy of Bisoprolol + Amlodipine Combination, Indian Practitioner (2008)


  • Convener “Continuing Medical Education Update on Gastroenterology” – organised by Associations of Physicians of India – 1988
  • Lecture on “Drugs – Myths & Reality” Organised by South Central Railways Hospital, 1989
  • Lecture on “Cephalosporins Today / Tomorrow” Organised by Indian Association of Occupational Health 1990.
  • Lecture on “Molecular Aspects of Cardiac Muscles” to Post Graduate Teachers on Molecular Biology, 1992.
  • Lecture on “Terminal Care of Elderly” Organised by IMA / College of General Practitioners, 1993
  • Lecture on “The less-Known Aspects of Respiratory Tract Infections” organised by Indian Medical Association, 1994.
  • First person from Andhra Pradesh to deliver the prestigious Ardeshir Dalal Memorial Oration of National
  • Conference of Indian Association of Occupational Health at Bangalore, 1995.
  • Lecture on “ The other side of Respiratory Tract infection” organised by Central Government Health Hospitals, 1995.
  • Chairperson Scientific Sub Committee CME Program – AACIMA, 1996
  • Convenor of Medical Quiz Competition for IMA Doctors – AACIMA, 1996
  • Lecture on “Stress Management” organised by Medinova / Canara Bank, 1997
  • Lecture on Resistant Malaria” at Sir Ronald Ross Hall Organised by Indian Medical Association, 1997.
  • Lecture on “HIV Infection. Prospective – Today, tomorrow” on World Aids Day – December, 2001
  • Smt. Kumudben Naik Memorial Oration, July 2004.


Consultant, Medical Affairs, SH Pharmaceuticals Ltd (1994 – 2008) ROLE :

  • Interacting with the Chairman / MD / GMM in identifying molecules for Marketing and promotion.
  • Advising Marketing and Sales Departments on Marketing strategies, competitors’ activities, especially at the level of DGM / AGMs level.
  • Training DGMs / AGMs / AMs on the Medical subject.
  • Identifying Brand names for registration.
  • Preparing protocols supervising Management Trainees in their Market Research work.
  • Helping product promotion team in preparing Visual Aids, Medical literatures, Manuals etc.
  • Organising Clinical and Promotional Trials.

Chief of Clinical Research and Medical Specialities, Uni-Sankyo Ltd. (1980 – 1991)

(Head of Medical and marketing Departments) ROLE :

  • Responsible for organising marketing Team Personnel at an All India Level.
  • Responsible for organising Distribution channel at an All India Level.
  • Training of field Personnel on Medical aspects.
  • Preparation of medical literatures and manuals.
  • Identifying molecules for marketing. Coordinating with other departments for trademarks, registrations with the Drug Controller etc.
  • Marketing Job responsibility included preparation of Visual Aid, Conducting Sales Conferences, Sales Analysis, Market Research, Competitor activities, Marketing strategies at an All India Level.
  • Coordinating with the production and finance department.
  • Organising Clinical Trials and Clinical Research.
  • Participating in State level and All India Level Medical Conferences.
  • Coordinated the activities of Uni-Sankyo Ltd with Sankyo Co. Ltd, Japan on various aspects of organisational operations.
  • Responsible for costing and profitability of products and profitability of the organisation.

Medical Advisor, Uni -Sankyo Ltd (1972 – 1977)

(Indo – Japanese Pharmaceutical Industry – Unichem Ltd and Sankyo Co ltd Japan) ROLE :

  • Training of Field Personnel on Medical aspects.
  • Helping in making medical literatures.
  • Coordinating with the marketing Department.

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