Hello Everyone, I am Arun Rathi, 33 years old from Kolkata. I have undergone Total Hip Replacement (THR) Surgery by Dr. Udai Prakash at Udai Omni Hospital, Hyderabad three years ago due to Ankylosing Spondylolisthesis (AS).

I am here to share my experience with all AS patients who are in pain and looking for a treatment. Due to AS I was unable to walk or even sit on a chair. My hips were fused. All treatments taken by me were of little or no help. Total Hip Replacement (THR) was the only option open for me.

Like many AS patients I had my set of doubts if I would be able to walk again and lead a normal life. My fears were brought to rest soon after the surgery.

Undergoing THR under Dr. Udai Prakash, has been a life changing moment for me. Thanks to the surgery I can walk, climb stairs and also sit on a chair just like a normal person. Most importantly  I have regained my self confidence.

As a result of my condition I have consulted many doctors and surgeons over the years but Dr. Udai’s attitude and positive approach towards patients like me helped me recover faster.

Best wishes to Udai Omni Hospital
Regards, Arun Rathi


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