Replaced Hip Joint

  • Namaz is possible after a total hip replacement

” I was approaching 40. I had a good career, a happy family and everything looked bright for the future. Then one day, I felt a pain in my left hip. I thought it would pass, but it gradually became unbearable. I was diagnosed with avascular necrosis of the  hip (AVN). 

I couldn’t believe it. Doctors gave me medicines but only the painkillers worked as long as I took them regularly. I went through 14 months of frustration and despair. For my condition, hip replacement was a suitable option, but I was anxious whether I could get back to life 100%. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to play with my son.

As the pain worsened, my wife kept telling me surgery was perhaps the only way. A friend of mine said that I should go to Udai Clinic as it is one of the most reputed orthopaedic centre’s in Hyderabad. I met Dr. Udai Prakash who was visiting as a specialist from the UK at that time. He said there was not much point in delaying surgery, as it was the only option. I did some research and found that all over India and globally, people were living active lives after hip replacement surgery. Moreover, I learnt that advances in implant options now allow greater stability and range of motion and may even enable running.

In June 2009, I underwent a ceramic bearing hip replacement. Recovery from surgery was surprisingly smooth. I had very little discomfort. I went through a rigorous rehab program under my surgeon’s supervision. His encouragement and my wife’s support helped me recover quickly.

Looking back, I wonder why I delayed the surgery for so long. Within three months, I was back on track. Life felt more precious than ever before. As a result, I became a better husband, a better father, a better professional, and a better member of society. I got a second chance. I have learnt that every challenge is an opportunity to become better.

So, never stop moving!”

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