Dr Udai Prakash is organising THE HYDERABAD OSTEOTOMY COURSE, on 2nd June at Taj Deccan to help knee surgeons share their wealth of experience in all aspects of knee osteotomy surgery, rehabilitation and dealing with complications.

This course discussions will help upcoming and established knee surgeons with the aim of passing on the benefits to patients.

Osteotomy means “cutting of bone in such a way so as to re-align it in its correct position”. There are many instances when a surgeon may offer an osteotomy as a course of treatment. For example:

  • Bow legs or knock knees in children and young adults
  • Straightening of man-united fractures
  • Alleviate pain in arthritis of joint
  • Correction of mal-tracking or recurrent dislocation of patella
  • Correction of various congenital deformities etc

There has been a resurgence of interest in the use of osteotomy for alleviating pain in the knee due to arthritis. This procedure avoids or postpones knee replacement surgery or simply can be thought of as an alternative to knee replacement.

Many young adults also have deformities in their legs which could give them an awkward gait as well as prevent them from taking part in active sports. These deformities can also make them very socially conscious about the appearance of their legs. Many young girls with deformities are brought to us by parents anxious about their marriage.

The course has a mix of national, international and local faculty with a wealth of experience in this technique. There will be a live surgical demonstration and series of talks and discussions.

The course is targeted towards the young knee surgeon keen to develop an interest in this technique. Experienced surgeons will also gain from this course and will have a chance to network and learn the nuances of this surgery from experts.

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Mega Free Health Cheak-Up at Bohra community

We are glad to be part of the complete medical check-up organised by the Bohra community on the auspicious event of 75th Milad-E-Maymoon of His Holiness Dr. Syedna Aaliqadr Mufaddal Saifuddin (TUS), Anjuman-E-Saifee Hyderabad.

Munsif Paper Public Forum and Orthopaedics Camp

Launch of the Indian Spine Journal


Conceived and started by Dr.Raghav Dutt and published by Wolters Kluwer: the online open access version and the print version will be available world wide

The journal will not show case the work of the best of Spine Surgeons from India and will also publish the work of Spine Surgeons from across the Globe will be released 4 time a year

Release of monographs

After taking over as President of Association of Spine surgeons of India, In  collaboration with publishing House Thieme , 3 monographs in Spine were released for Worldwide distribution. These monographs  are of immense value to spine surgeons  for updating their knowledge  and current practicing techniques in Spine surgery. Each book has chapters contributed by authors who are some the best spine surgeons from across the Globe. Another 7 books will be published this year.

Dr Raghava at Brazil for BRICS Meeting April 2017

BRICS (Brazil,Russia,India,China,South Africa) countries will be meeting for the very first time in Rio De Janerio from 20th to 23rd of April 2017. Dr.Raghav Dutt will represent India as the President of ASSI- Association of Spine Surgeons of India. He will be delivering a lecture on “Growth modulation problems of growth rods and bi convex fusion” to spine surgeons from the leading countries. This is a mega spine conference to be attended by a huge galaxy of spine surgeons from BRICS countries.

Udai Omni Hospital is proud that its Director and Chief of Spine Surgery represented our country in this august gathering of Spine Surgeons,

Dr Raghav​a​ Dutt Mulukutla is President of ​Association of Spine Surgeons of India (​ASSI​)​ 2017-19

​Dr Raghava Dutt Mulukutla, Director Udai Omni Hospital has been appointed President of ASSOCIATION OF SPINE SURGEONS OF INDIA (ASSI), the largest association of ​spine surgeons in India with a membership of about 1500 spine surgeons from all over India.

ASSI collaborates with spine organisations world wide to spread safe spine surgery and is dedicated to the advancement of spine surgery and patient care.

​In its endeavor to promote research and better practices in spine surgery, ASSI ​conducts conferences, ​offers ​accredited ​educational opportunities​, ​clinical fellowships at reputed spine centers​, opportunities for both clinical and research work in sub specialties of spine trauma, spine deformities, degenerative and cervical spine issues to spine surgeons.

We at Udai Omni Hospital are extremely proud of Dr Raghava Dutt Mulukutla’s accomplishments and congratulate him on his newest honour.


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