Launch of the Indian Spine Journal


Conceived and started by Dr.Raghav Dutt and published by Wolters Kluwer: the online open access version and the print version will be available world wide

The journal will not show case the work of the best of Spine Surgeons from India and will also publish the work of Spine Surgeons from across the Globe will be released 4 time a year

Release of monographs

After taking over as President of Association of Spine surgeons of India, In  collaboration with publishing House Thieme , 3 monographs in Spine were released for Worldwide distribution. These monographs  are of immense value to spine surgeons  for updating their knowledge  and current practicing techniques in Spine surgery. Each book has chapters contributed by authors who are some the best spine surgeons from across the Globe. Another 7 books will be published this year.

Spine of the matter: Tender bones turn brittle, kids suffer backache

Severe lower backache among school children is rising alarmingly in the city and in many cases the condition has worsened in students as young as 15-year-old. Ahead of the exam season, the number of children turning up at the doctors’ clinics have gone up, health experts said. Increasing incidents of obesity, long hours of inactivity, carrying heavy school bags and studying on laptops or notepads are the reasons behind the spike in cases, said experts.
Age-group of kids suffering from backache has dipped drastically and students as young as 10-year-old are doing rounds at spine specialists.
Doctors belonging to Association of Spine Surgeons of India say they are seeing at least 15-20 cases now, as compared to just 5-6 young patients about five years ago. But general physicians say the figures are more with at least 20 students landing at their chambers. “The cases of students complaining of back problems are increasing over the years and its time that parents look into the matter carefully,” said Dr Sukumar Sura, spine surgeon, Star hospitals.

The lower back pain is usually caused by damage to the disc. Often lack of exercise leads to severe degeneration of the disc, which causes the disc to come out of its place. This is turn causes compression to the nerve, leading to severe pain. “We are even witnessing students of Class 9 and 10 suffering with severe degeneration of the disc,” Sura said.
In one such case, a Class 4 student sought medical help after suffering from backache for months. The boy’s schedule included tuition classes’ for hours and no physical activity. The child’s parents had to be counselled to let him have some free time. Back pain among children is largely due to heavy school bags they carry, while high school students suffer with the problem due to exam stress.
“Not just Hyderabad, but the incidence is on the rise in other tier II cities across India, where there is lot of competition and students prepare for competitive exams. In fact the onset can be as early as Class 4 students and by the time they reach Class 9 or 10, the pain peaks and it continues into their youth. The situation is worse in students staying at hostels, where they study without any breaks,” explains Dr Raghav Dutt, President, Association of Spine Surgeons of India and consultant spine surgeon at Udai Omni Hospital.

Ref: Times Of India

Mrs Rachakonda Subbalakshmi

A Lifestyle Change Says Mrs Rachakonda Subbalakshmi

I had undergone a major spine surgery in the year 1999 for severe back pain and total numbness in the right leg. I am 50 years now and I have been trying to maintain good health of my spine ever since the surgery through back exercises.

My back pain returned around a year, on a scale of 1 to 10, the pain in the spine shot up to 7. It soon became unbearable and I consulted a top Spine Surgeon in Hyderabad. The surgeon had a very serious observation on my problem and was upset about the fact that in spite of undergoing spinal surgery, proper attention was not paid for reducing my weight, I was 88 kgs at that time.

I explained to him that I was able to maintain the weight at the same level but could not reduce it even though my diet contained only brown rice and other low-calorie food. The doctor was so upset about this that he immediately asked me to undergo Lipo since my spine is unable to take so much body weight. I and my husband were stunned by his reaction and suggestion of Lipo.

Calming down, the doctor suggested us to consult Dr Deepa Agarwal, the Nutritionist, for reducing my weight. My first reaction was that since this is not a workable solution, I must go in for Lipo.

However, for what it is worth I took an appointment and met Dr Deepa, to whom I explained my predicament. After listening to me she started writing a prescription. It was not a usual medical prescription, but she wrote down my diet plan for the next week and I was surprised that she doubled the intake quantity of what I used to eat. At the end of every two hours, she advised me to have some food /fluids/fruits that were easily available.

Even though I was not sure about reducing my weight, I followed the diet plan strictly as she prescribed, combining it with my morning walks of 4 kms. Though I shall not disclose the details of the diet, I must say that I felt very comfortable with the diet she prescribed and did not feel either hunger or any sort of weakness during the time.

After the 1st week I checked my weight and realised that I had reduced about 2 kgs. I was very surprised. By the end of the week, early in the morning, I received an e-mail from Dr Deepa regarding the next week’s diet programme.

After 4 to 5 weeks, I started feeling very light and the back pain subsided a little. People around me started noticing the difference. I continued following the diet programme. My Saturdays began with the e-mail from Dr. Deepa. In fact, I started to wait for her e-mail eagerly to know what the diet for the next week would be. Sundays became my purchase day for the next week’s diet.

I followed the Doctors diet programme for 8 weeks and during that time, the most surprising thing for me was the variety of food I missed all these years. I had reduced about 18 Kgs during these 8 weeks, and my back pain had come down to the level of 3 on a scale of 1 to 10. The people around me were surprised by the way I looked now. I became slim with a healthy and glowing face. I am really thankful to Dr. Deepa, for my transformation which includes the latest fashion clothing that I am able to wear now.

I am now a happier person now. Thank you, Dr. Deepa.

Rachakonda Subbalakshmi

Medical Team

Orthopaedic Surgeon

Dr. Deepa Agrawal

Chief Dietician

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