UDAI OMNI Hospital comprises of a team of dedicated orthopaedic specialists committed to continually improving the standard of patient care. Our aim is to provide outstanding orthopaedic care by adhering to the highest possible professional and ethical standards.

Over four decades of Orthopaedic excellence…

In 1975, Udai Clinic was founded by Dr. Ved Prakash to provide a dedicated specialist approach to every patient’s orthopaedic problem. Since the inception of Udai Clinic, scores of surgeons have joined  and trained at the hospital under the guidance of Dr. Ved Prakash. Recently UDAI CLINIC  joined hands with OMNI Hospitals. By early 2017 the hospital will add 100 beds to its present set up. Hereby it will be able to  cater to the needs of its patients in  a more spacious environment.

Udai Omni Hospital has evolved over four decades to expand its care to patients of all ages under the leadership of Dr Ved Prakash. Until recently known as Udai Clinic Orthopaedic Centre, the team joined hands with Incor’s Omni Hospitals and is now called Udai Omni Hospital.

Our team is growing steadily with health professionals devoted in the care of patients with orthopaedic and associated traumatic conditions.

The hospital is adding a new wing adjacent to the present hospital to offer our patients spacious facilities and better infrastructure.

At UDAI OMNI Hospital, our patients are our utmost concern. We understand that surgery or hospitalisation raises a lot of questions and concerns. Here are a few convenient services that are available on location.



The Physiotherapy Departmen has a well established Senior Physiotherapy Team and Technical Assistants. They help alleviate pain and restore normal movement and function patterns to help the body to its natural state.
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UDAI OMNI has a full fledged diagnostics lab capable of conducting routine orthopaedic investigations, pre-surgical evaluations and a range of health check packages.



The emergency department offers round the clock life saving treatment to accident and trauma victims who require orthopaedic treatment with doctors on duty and specialists on call.



The pharmacy in the hospital premises is well stocked with a range of medicines, surgical supplies, orthopaedic prostheses from reliable reputed companies.



The emergency ambulance service can be reached on +91-7093 001 002 round the clock.

UDAI OMNI Hospital is a 100 bed facility with four ultra modern laminar flow theatres, a 24 hour trauma and intensive care facility. Soon to come will be a Cardiology unit, nephrology and dialysis unit, CT and MRI in our modern Radiology unit.




Dr. Ved Prakash
Director & Chief Of Orthopaedics
UDAI OMNI Hospital


In the words of Dr Ved Prakash –

“Udai Clinic Orthopaedic Centre started in 1974 in a small rented building near Abids in Hyderabad. There was a need then for private orthopaedic services which were only provided by the osteopaths commonly known as “Jerrahs”.

It soon established its name in treating not only fresh trauma and cold orthopaedic problems but also in treating late and spoiled cases and bone and joint infections. Unfortunately, most of the spoiled cases were victims of quackery or inadequately done orthopaedic surgery.

Udai Clinic evolved to become a place known for doing salvage surgery and it still continues to do. As doctors, and particularly orthopaedic surgeons we are privileged to be able to serve our fellow human to add life to their years.

To add quality to service, Udai Clinic moved into a newly constructed building with more beds and facilities on chapel road, Hyderabad Nampally area in 1982.

We have been well known in all the 16 districts of old Hyderabad state before reorganization in 1956 and also drew patients from neighbouring states as well as the Middle East.

A decade later, we were continuing performing cutting edge surgery in orthopaedics with regards to trauma and spine surgery. We were fortunate to have Dr Raghav Dutt back as a spine specialist from the UK. Another decade later Dr Udai Prakash joined us as a specialist joint replacement and revision surgeon. This obviously led to increased demands both from patients and the specialist surgeons and we felt the need to expand further.

We recently joined hands with Omni group of hospitals. We are now in the process of constructing our next state of the art 100 bed hospital.

With changing times, orthopaedic surgery became more specialised and surgeons started sub-specialising. We now have specialists in trauma, spine, joint replacements, paediatric orthopaedics and sports injuries.”

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